Outdoor is the most visual medium

  • Outdoor gets noticed.
  • Outdoor is the most visual medium, creating strong brand image and recall.
  • Visual product recognition carries through to point of sale.

Outdoor delivers high brand awareness and unique cover

  • Outdoor helps create high brand awareness in a competitive market.
  • In multimedia campaigns, outdoor typically add 15% unique reach and recognition.

Outdoor can help you dominate the downtown environment

  • Outdoor can place your brand in front of customers as they shop.

Outdoor is the nearest medium to point to sale.

  • Outdoor is the last medium noticed before arriving at the store.
  • It’s also the medium which can place a message physically closest to a retail purchase point.

National availability means a diverse choice of planning routes.

  • Outdoors is available nationally, regionally and locally.
  • It can be planned catchment area, proximity to store.

Outdoor is an intercept medium

  • Outdoor can be seen everywhere 24 hours a day.
  • It can’t be switched off, zapped, and otherwise ignored.

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